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The company will become a human-oriented
and technology-centered futuristic happy enterprise.
With the advanced technology and quality management system,
the company will implement customer impression and grow to a leader in the information era.

In the 21st information age, on the basis of the company motto creativity, sincerity, and harmony, Young Poong Electronics has made a lot of efforts to secure excellent technical professionals, install the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and test equipment and has researched and developed technologies and products continuously. As a result, the company gains a variety of mass-production orders and manufactures high-quality products that meet customer satisfaction and reliability.

In terms of corporate competitiveness, quality management system is recognized to be very important and is emphasized as one of strategies to maximize competitiveness.

Therefore, Young Poong Electronics effectively operates quality management system and improves service continuously, and satisfies customers needs and implements customer impression through its ceaseless innovation and change in terms of quality, price, reliability, and flexibility.

With its excellent technology, Young Poong Electronics will do the best to play a key role in the advanced industry.

Ryu Ha-yeol, CEO of Young Poong Electronics