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By developing the state-of-the-art core technology for the futuristic weapon systems, including ground, aerial, and marine actuators, turret systems, power & mission oriented devices, and aviation electric & electronic devices, HMI devices, and sensor application devices, we play an important role in improving military defense capability.

Those who have dreams can realize them.
We always have dreams.

We do our best to achieve our mission of self-reliant national defense.
On the basis of the electric & electronic controllers which are the foundation of the defense industry, we play a key role in the ground, aerial and marine areas.
With our philosophy of customer-oriented value management, we make ceaseless efforts to provide user friendliness, conduct R&D for zero-defect performance, and improve quality management system.


Motion Control
  • Servo control, inverter design and interface technology
  • PID, Feed Forward, TDC and Robust control algorithm design technology
  • The technology of designing the algorithm to overcome disturbance for t racking control and position stabilization
  • Complex modeling & simulation technology for optimal performance Turret & Actuator

Turret & Actuator
  • Optimized power transmission system and structure design technology
  • M&S technology for mechanical structure and stiffness analysis
  • High torque stabilization system design & simulation technology for overcoming disturbance

Power Management
  • High-efficient power converter design technology for minimizing power loss
  • Two-way power conversion algorithm for reuse of regeneration energy
  • Algorithm for optimization of hybrid power efficiency and power distribution

Inertial Sensor Application
  • INS/GPS individual & complex navigation device design technology
  • Navigation sensor bias and misalignment compensation algorithm design technology
  • Navigation and position calculation optimization algorithm design technology using Kalman filter or complementary filter

Embedded Software
  • GUI design technology for providing optimized user friendliness
  • Real-time application technology for obtaining and processing real-time data
  • Target tracking and fire control technology based on image acquisition and processing